January 26, 2022

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SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi On Insider Trading, Mutual Funds And First-time Investors

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Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Chairman Ajay Tyagi has heralded a multitude of reforms for the market during his over-four-year stint. In addition to ensuring a smooth ride for the markets through the pandemic and managing a milestone in IPO mobilisation, SEBI has brought about a risk management system that aims to protect new investors.

In a recent interview with Business Standard, Tyagi highlighted his views on various aspects of the market.

From clarifying SEBI’s role as a regulator and not including company valuations in its mandate of work to offset negative FPI inflows due to the large individual and domestic institutional investor participation, here are a few highlights from the interview:

SEBI, as a regulator, will not delve into valuations
Tyagi mentioned how the challenge before SEBI is to “find the right balance in regulatory architecture”. While start-ups and loss-making, growth-oriented companies have only recently been sighted in the Indian IPO ecosystem, SEBI has to “make sure that investor interests are protected and, at the same time, there isn’t over-regulation so that companies don’t get discouraged to list here”.

Transitioning into a new regime

With India becoming the first jurisdiction worldwide to implement the T+1 system tentatively by 2022, Tyagi said that this manner of settlement was in everybody’s interest. He also urged companies to comply with the deadline set for de-merging the posts of MD and CEO.

Coming down heavily on insider trading, Tyagi thought of insider trading as the most serious of all menaces. “It goes against the very basics of trust in the securities market. With all these millions of new investors entering the market, this trust of investors needs to be maintained,” he said.

On the subject of new investors, he advised the recent entrants in the market to remember that every investment is prone to risk and the markets will not continue to rise constantly. “A large number of individual investors have been drawn towards the equity market due to low-interest rates, excess liquidity, and lack of alternative investment opportunities,” he said, adding that adequate safety measures were in place to protect the interest of investors.

He also appreciated the mutual fund growth in India, their role in stabilising the economy and emphasising the need to nurture it over the medium to long term.

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